Apr 26 • 1M

Sound Bites #3

It's okay

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Takeout is a mini podcast published on the second Wednesday of each month for paid subscribers (though this first one is for everyone!), in which I report back on a thing or two I learned about in the past month.
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Welcome to Sound Bites: sweet lil voice notes to all my subscribers. Sometimes I’ll play and sing a song on my ukulele. Sometimes I’ll recite a poem I love. Sometimes I’ll repeat affirmations for you. All on a monthly basis. Go to my Guide to see the publication schedule.

It’s okay to soften and let go/in

It’s okay to cry for what you thought you would have by now

It’s okay to let your emotions dance within/outside of you

It’s okay to be over/under-accommodating.

It’s okay to feel your animal heart beat and break and bruise

It’s okay to love yourself exactly as you are even/especially if others don’t

It’s okay to have your fears grow bigger and hungrier.

It’s okay to feed the parts of you that you don’t like.

It’s okay to break down/through/open.

It’s okay to scoop your heart off the floor, put it back in your chest, and ask life: “What more you got?”