The Guerrilla Feminist is a free newsletter offering a variety of columns, featuring: Curation Station, Essays, Sound Bites, Ask Guerrilla Femme, and more. This is the latest iteration of the newsletter I’ve been writing since 2016. Think of it as your one-stop-spot for education and support. I write critical commentary on a variety of topics from a Marxist abolitionist feminist lens. 

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My name is Lachrista Greco, which literally translates to “the Greek female Christ” in Italian. I’m a writer, speaker, librarian, and maker. I run @TheGuerrillaFeminist, which has over 237K followers and initially started as a performance art campaign in 2011 in Chicago, blending social justice activism and viewer’s interactions with feminist statements and images. I have a Master’s degree in Women’s & Gender Studies and a Master of Library and Information Science. My specialties and interests include: digital violence/sexual violence prevention and survivor support, digital activism, learning disabilities, and trauma-informed healing. You can follow me on Twitter.

I created The Guerrilla Feminist/Guerrilla Feminism in 2011, and this is my newsletter iteration of that effort. As a writer, I love working things through in this venue. As a digital violence support specialist, I want to bring what I know to people who could benefit. As a librarian by trade, I love searching for and connecting people with resources and interesting things. I enjoy writing about various topics, including: The Messiness of Disability Accommodations, Cults, MLMs, and White Women, The Anxiety & Terror of Being a Teenage Girl, What I Learned From Following 90s Figure Skaters on Instagram, and much more.

Publication schedule:

  1. Curation Station: 1st & 3rd Friday of each month at 10am CST

  2. Essays: once per month

  3. Sound Bites: infrequently; about once per month

  4. The GF Podcast (paid): second Wednesday of each month at 10am CST

  5. Ask Guerrilla Femme (paid): last Wednesday of each month at 10am CST

  6. The Salon (paid), once per month


Lachrista Greco
She/Her. Femme. MA & MLIS. Creator of The Guerrilla Feminist on Instagram. Writer. Speaker. Curator. Librarian. Strega.
Sophia Hembeck
Sophia Hembeck is a writer and visual artist based in Edinburgh. Originally from Germany, she is writing in English and German. Her first book of essays “Things I Have Noticed” was published 2020.